Linfield Oaks

Linfield Oaks (also known as Middlefield to El Camino on the MLS) is a typical suburban area, replete with manicured lawns and broad California ranchers. This neighborhood is a planned community that was developed in the 1950s and still retains some of that mid-century sensibility.

Stretching across 80 acres, Linfield Oaks is a stand-alone community consisting mostly of single-family homes, apartments, and office buildings, all next to the large and family-friendly Burgess Park, which offers pools, tennis and basketball courts, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, and a recreation center. Linfield Oaks has several two story homes, as well as a few more modern abodes, but for the most part, even after undergoing varying degrees of renovation, homes in this neighborhood have stayed consistent with the area’s overall look. Apartments are low-level, garden-style buildings with generally long-term tenants and are located on the outer edges of the neighborhood.

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