Buying A Home

Your Unique Circumstances

Our goal is to understand you and your goals well enough that we can help you find a home where you will thrive. We will use a brief questionnaire, or our first meeting together, to understand your unique circumstances. Some of the things we will discuss:

Family Structure & Needs
How many people will be living in the house? Will that change?
Is proximity to work or schools a priority?
Will anyone be working from home?

Lifestyle Preferences
What type of neighborhood do you feel most comfortable in?
Is there a particular style of house that fits you best?
Do you plan to host gatherings/events?

Timing: Short & Long Term Plans
Why are you looking to buy now?
Do you have any specific time pressures?
How long do you plan to be in your next home?

Budget & Finances
How do you plan to finance the purchase?
Do you need to sell a home in order to buy?
How much do you think you can spend on a home?

To download our entire buying guide, please CLICK HERE.