Allied Arts

The neighborhood of Allied Arts & Downtown, comprising of Downtown Menlo Park and Allied Arts, is sometimes known as Stanford Park, and presents the dichotomy of Menlo Park. While much of Menlo Park is quite suburban, Allied Arts & Downtown is a mix of tranquil, family-friendly neighborhoods with a convenient retail and commercial district.

Downtown Menlo Park is home to a diverse mix of restaurants, shops, and multi-family housing. Santa Cruz Avenue is the main artery of Downtown Menlo Park, and has a variety of commercial establishments, from upscale clothing, and homewares to modest mom-and-pop shops. These shops and restaurants draw in visitors from all over San Mateo County. Residential properties are found starting about two blocks on either side of Santa Cruz. People that live downtown have to deal with car and pedestrian traffic, particularly on weekends. The trade-off, however, is the abundance of convenient shopping and fine dining.

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